Naturopathic Medicine

The use of acupuncture, botanicals, and food to balance the body. Uses Hot/Cold, Damp/Dry, and Yin/Yang etc. to diagnose and develop a treatment plan based on Chinese medical theory.

Herbal teas, tinctures (alcohol extractions of active herbal ingredients) or capsules for treating specific health concerns. Your ND has the specialized training needed to insure there are no interactions between your prescription drugs, supplements, or herbs.

Addresses deficiencies and specific health concerns. Ensures that the body has the needed building blocks to sustain health and aid healing, in addition food specific to your health, weight loss goal, or busy family can be recommended.

An energy based system of medicine that stimulates the healing processes in the body. Uses plants, minerals, etc. in extremely small doses. Homeopathy does not interact with your medication, and is safe for everyone, best for complex symptoms, children, and those sensitive to medications.  Dr Morrison received additional training in homeopathy in Goa, India.

Diet, exercise, stress, sleep, and emotional well being are important factors in gaining and maintaining health and are always part of a good treatment plan.

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Dr Linda Morrison, ND
Naturopathic Doctor/Owner of Summerside Naturopathic
337 Central St. Holistic Health Centre